Welcome to the Clubhouse!

Our principle mission is to enhance the growth, prosperity and entertainment value of SwC Poker. We hope to fill a void formerly provided by third-party affiliate sites led by Bitcoin Poker Blog, Seals Deals and Grindabit, all of whom discontinued their services when the new SwC Poker emerged, mainly due to coding issues rendering their software useless. We are working from a position of experience, having witnessed what worked well, and what didn’t work so well.


We have collected all MTT (multiple table tournament) results since August 1, 2015. We are offering, free of charge to all registered users, access to their tournament data. These stats can be filtered by date range, tournament type, buy-in and game type. All these filtering features are currently free. We also provide players the opportunity to look up the stats of players other than themselves for a nominal fee.

Player of the Month is back! Using a similar but different point system than Uncle Gravy, our predecessor, we rank the top players of the month. We’ve added a player of the week metric. We also have PLO and HORSE leaderboards, and four buy-in categories. We plan some fun free-rolls, pools and other rewards for this week’s and month’s leaders.

The Poker meets Twitch revolution is here! Got a twitch channel? Stream with us! We would love to host any Seals player that is streaming their Seals games. We also plan our own original broadcasts. We hope this feature will be a source of entertainment and education as well as an opportunity to showcase Seals to players who are as yet unfamiliar with SwC Poker and the Clubhouse.

Poker articles and widgets to entertain and inform. Stories and characters past and present of, by, and for seal pups as represented in—what we affectionately call— “The Troll Box.”

We are an affiliate site, meaning that when you join SwC Poker by clicking through one of our links, we get a percentage of the rake-back. It doesn’t mean we have any control over their decision-making process, or vice versa. As we are here to help SwC Poker thrive, our actions will reflect this, but we are our own separate entity. Please don’t go to them about problems with us, or to us about problems with SwC Poker. To get an account with us, your screen name on our site has to match your screen name on SwC Poker.


We are a tight group of trustworthy, humorous, smart, kind, helpful, and playful Seals. We represent a balance of skills and perspectives. We make our decisions collectively. We are delighted to provide you with stats and other goodies to hopefully enhance your overall sealz experience.


Mad Scientist. Number Cruncher. CEO.

Token Pole and Senior Engineer. Site workhorse.


Chief Pig. In charge of anything that no one else is in charge of.


Visionary and rare Socratic degen and upper level 2nd tier trivia player. Content editor extraordinaire.

In time, the Clubhouse will roll out new and interesting features, some for ‘free access’ and others that are ‘pay for’ or ‘subscription’ based.

Our goal here is to share fun stories and helpful hard-won information, in ways that everyone ‘wins,’ even when we lose. Some see poker as a battle ground, wars over money are fought there. Others see it as entertainment, and a donation for fun and some adventure. No matter where in the spectrum you are, it is our hope that the Seals Clubhouse becomes your favorite hang out!  Enjoy and please give us feedback! We aim to please. Problem with stats? Leaderboard seems wrong? Broken link? Let us know!

—The Seals Clubhouse Team